It's Just Clothes, 

why complicate it?

At the start of It’s Just, we were interested in finding fun and different ways to examine the products we buy and the brands we support. Beginning with “It’s Just A Sticker”, we wanted to spread positivity but with full transparency. That initial idea has since grown into cool, uncomplicated and SUSTAINABLE product lines that just get to the point and say exactly what they are. Because after all, it's just clothes and it's just whatever you want to buy but the products you choose have an impact on people and the environment.

It's Just is a simple, sustainable clothing and apparel brand. But, those aren't just buzzwords we throw around for attention; it's important to us that we do the work. We source our materials and products from manufacturers which commit to ethical and sustainable practices. Most of our products are made from recycled or organic materials and all ship in eco-friendly packaging. We believe fashion should be simple, cool, expressive or whatever you want it to be but it shouldn't be problematic. 

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